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Attention Christian women, busy mamas, and eager entrepreneurs who’ve been struggling to get control of your finances in a biblical way...

Discover the joy and freedom of 

living a content + generous life

without feeling guilty or shameful for wanting more 

Or letting your financial circumstances control your every move

Join me for 7-weeks of classes to Renew Your Money Mindset - a Christian Women's roadmap to becoming a good financial steward   

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Jesus talks about money more than 800 times in the Bible (that makes it the second most talked about topic)

So you know it’s important.

But in a world where the message “more is better” flashes across your Instagram feed in a constant loop - the topic of money often creates an intense tug-o-war of thoughts and emotions.


What is a healthy desire for abundance vs an unhealthy belief that having “more” makes you happy?

Because in this life you DO need money in order to take care of your responsibilities, raise your family, and give generously to causes and impact your community.

But does wanting a full bank account make you greedy? Does it reveal a lack of trust in God and expose a heart that’s bent on fulfilling fleshly desires? Does it mean you’re less of a Christian or it’s sinful to make a lot of money?

Wrestling with those tangled thoughts of fear, shame and guilt is exhausting. It only leaves you feeling powerless ... or worse - indecisive and discontent.

I bet someone told you that, “All you need to do is…  work hard, have faith, and tithe 10% every month so that God will provide“

So you roll up your sleeves, make your list of goals, and get going…

Strong work ethic ✅

Faith in Jesus ✅

10% monthly payment to church ✅

But when you’ve finished the checklist, nothing has changed. 

You’re still living paycheck to paycheck, stressed out about money, and questioning if your faith is enough to make it through. You start to think God’s way of providing was for you to live hand to mouth. That building wealth wasn’t in his plan for you. 

The fact is that most Christians don’t make it through to living a generous life filled with joy, freedom, and contentment.

Because they are viewing money as it’s either this or that. Right or left. Coffee or La Croix. Packers or Bears (don’t touch that last one, it’s a midwest thing).

But God has a better way. He wants us to renew our minds according to His word.



“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2

If we define money mindset as the deeply held beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions we create about money then, having a Biblical money mindset means a biblical perspective is used to form your thoughts so that your actions and habits will honor God. 

A biblical perspective on money allows one to:

Live with contentment

Freeing ourselves from the fear and anxiety that is inherent in a culture driven by money to be thankful for what blessings we receive is the first step to living freely. 

Give generously

There’s been a lot of dangerous teaching on money and prosperity. These false ideas lead you into a life of works and away from faith and dependency on Jesus.

Make wise decisions

Understanding what the Bible says and how to APPLY it is key to a healthy relationship with money. A biblical money mindset means following the gentle leading of God’s Spirit - not just following someone else’s success formula. 

Break free

Systems are helpful. But following someone else’s “proven system” could lead to shame if you break one of their rules. (Giving some side-eye to the overly glorified “7 baby steps” approach). We need a flexible and gracious way to become good financial stewards, not another way to feel bad about our circumstances.

Freedom is possible.

But first, we must remove this idea of black and white, either this or that mentality keeping you from walking in Biblical truth.

4 Black + White Thoughts That Sabotage Your Relationship With Money  

Thought #1

Money is the root of all evil.

TRUTH: Nope. It’s the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. (1 Timothy 6:10)

God understands that money is a part of your everyday life. That’s why there’s over 800 scriptures about money in the Bible. (Not to mention  2000+ financial references).

Caring about money doesn’t mean you're vain, selfish or greedy. It means you are trying to be a responsible, good steward.

The real question to ask yourself is: 
“Am I giving money the place in my heart that belongs to Jesus?”

Because if you’re loving and trusting money more than Jesus

This is where wrong biblical teachings have harmed us. 

This is about your heart.

Thought #2

I’m only stressed about money because I don’t have enough of it.  

TRUTH: You can have millions and still be anxious and overwhelmed.

Having more money doesn’t make you happier or more content - as if it’s somehow a magic wand to all of your problems.

Research shows that those with assets of at least $25 million are just as worried about their money and discontent with their own lifestyle. They don’t feel like they have enough money and they believe they need an extra 25% to feel secure. (Source: Your New Money Mindset)

Sure, having money is necessary for paying your bills… eating… getting to work. 

And without a doubt, when you can make ends meet then you are “less stressed.”

But, let me ask this - What happens when you have enough to go around?

If you aren’t still fixated on needing more to create a false sense of security then you will become stressed about something else. Because money stress isn’t about money, it’s about surrendering the outcome to Jesus.

This is about your heart.

Thought #3

I can either be rich or poor. 

TRUTH: I get it. I’ve read Mark 10:17-23 too.  

There was the rich young ruler who Jesus told to give away his money because he had become too prideful - he refused to give up what he had to follow Jesus and he walked away sad.

And let’s be honest, if it comes down to riches or Jesus. Give me Jesus. Which is really hard to say sometimes, right?

What if I told you that it isn’t about being rich or being poor. Like the rich young ruler, it’s about your heart.

So you see….

This is about the heart.

Are you sensing a theme yet? God is interested in your heart. And money is a great revealer of what is going on in your heart.

Learn to submit your heart, wants, desires, sin, to the Lordship of Jesus and you can discover a life of contentment and generosity. 

You can make money AND achieve your financial goals.. While honoring God with ALL of it.


Take a moment and imagine what it would be like if…

  • Instead of thinking, “will we have enough money?” you knew there would always be enough to go around
  • You could set big, scary monetary goals without feeling like it makes you look like less of a Christian
  • Every time there was a financial decision you know exactly how to seek God and pray for the answer
  • When you made a bad decision that you didn’t put your faith in front of a firing squad
  • You could tithe or give your money away and not sweat bullets wondering if something was going to bounce or go into overdraft
  • You didn’t feel shameful for not being able to follow all the financial gurus out there whose programs are built for someone with disposable income

It’s not only POSSIBLE, it is possible FOR YOU!

And I’m going to show you how in my new program, Renew Your Money Mindset.

Anytime I’m struggling with what to do in my life or my business I reach out to Danielle because I know I’m not only going to hear solid, straight-forward advice but that she’s going to back it up with the Bible. 

Her wisdom is irreplaceable and I cannot wait to see how many women she impacts with her new money mindset program.

Jamie R.

Introducing Renew Your Money Mindset


 Renew Your Money Mindset is a 7 class series for Christian women who want to learn what the bible actually says about money so they can become financial stewards of their home who worry less and give more.


When you register for this, you’ll get access to:

Video Recordings + Transcriptions

All workshops will be transcribed and added to our online course platform so you can watch, listen, or read on-the-go. Learn using the method that works best for you.

Lifetime Access

Come back and review the content over and over again. Even after the Live round is over, it’s yours to keep. 

And to make sure you’re supported every step of the way, you’ll also get access to:

Digital Resource Library

I will be creating PDF’s that you can download for use - like a verses for meditation printable


I’m ready to Renew My Money Mindset

Hang on...creating a biblical mindset on finances is as simple as attending a course?

*squints eyes with skepticism*

I know, it sounds bold.

I have taken everything I’ve learned from studying biblical theology for 15 years and combined it with the three years I’ve spent coaching women on stewarding their homes when crafting this course.

And yes, creating a biblical mindset is as simple as attending the course - and by “attending” I mean:

  • engaging with the group class
  • reading scripture on your own
  • doing the homework assignments
  • be willing to change as you see areas where God’s working on your heart

It’s discipleship - plain and simple.

The Renew Your Money Mindset is an intentional 6-lesson course where you focus on learning to surrender your financial circumstances to God.  And how to steward the money you have - no matter how much or how less that amount is today. 

The Renew Your Money Mindset class series will equip you to practice the spiritual disciplines to become a good financial steward by renewing your thoughts and beliefs around money, abundance, and trusting God through faith in Christ. 

When you trust God you are free to walk out what God has called you to, into a new way of living generously, according to biblical principles (instead of viewing money as the world does).

Yes, you’ll learn the strategies to help you figure out your money story and work through the anxieties or shame that is holding you back - but more importantly you’ll be encouraged to search out God’s heart and thoughts, and His grace when you can’t do it on your own.

Danielle is my go-to gal when I need someone to wrestle through confusing biblical issues. 

I love talking to her about money and stewardship because she has done her homework. She is always pointing me to solid biblical resources and challenging me to renew my thinking in many areas of my life.

I would recommend anyone struggling to gain a better understanding of how money works from a biblical perspective to talk to Danielle.

- Melissa W.

Let’s talk about who this program is really for...

  • Christian women who want to use biblical-based money principles
  • Someone who will put in the time to change their mindset
  • Servant-hearted ladies who want the wealth they build to help others
  • Those who are willing to change

This program is not for you if:

  • You are not a Christian
  • You don’t want to put in the work or are unwilling to change your thoughts about money
  • Believe that God doesn’t care about money or how it’s used

Taking a step toward financial freedom and investing in yourself is no small matter. It requires putting trust in the program creator (that’s me) as well as yourself to actually take action and do the work.

The last thing I want is for you to purchase a program that does not strengthen your relationship with Christ or helps you to experience a positive, abundant mindset. 


Still have a few questions? Click here to see the FAQ’s

Want to hear more about my money story? Click here

Want to see the course outline? Click Here

It’s time to put your mind and heart at rest with Jesus as your guide.

You can have a healthy money mindset and Renew Your Money Mindset will help you get there.

I’ll be waiting to welcome you on the inside. Now's the time to renew your money mindset.


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